About Us

About Odiyan Group

ODIYAN is established with a vision to spark revolution in fashion industry. All fortunate customers are welcome to grab the opportunity. ODIYAN caters a wide

range of fashionable products for men , women & kids across apparel, Backpacks, foot wears & accessories. This is a place where quality rules not the cost. There is offer galore to bring some excess than needed. All products are blend of quality & perfection. Shop and enjoy and feel the difference at Odiyan.

ODIAYN aims at cutting out the middleman ship system between the manufactures and the end users. We have our highly experienced buying team who travel every nook & corner of our country in search of manufactures and suppliers. We keep our costs low, because every penny we save is a penny you save.

Ecommerce has become a way of life in India. Once used only by the tech savvy to buy things not available in the neighborhood malls, it has now become ubiquitous, thanks to a surge in internet use. Shopping online particularly at Odiayn is a child’s play, anyone can get started with a mobile phone or laptop or tablet. Simply visit our site odiyangroup@gnail.com and browse the categories of product. Once you have chosen any product , simply place order; the product will be at your doorstep. You can also shop your favorite products using our ODIYAN App.